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Blog decided to look back at the realities of illegal abortion pre-Roe, and for women today who lack access to proper care. Blog readers are sharing their own stories, or the stories of friends and family members who have resorted to illegal abortions because they had no choice.Use the hashtag to share your story on social media.. It seemed like something she had kept hidden for so long.

I was the only person she ever told; she told me that her grief and sorrow was so intense that she feared dying as she was terrified of having to face the child she aborted.

She lived to be 102 and never once allowed herself forgiveness.” — Patricia H.

Our students will be productive, successful contributors to society.

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We were 14-year-old kids doing the best we could for our friend. Her parents thought she was staying at a friend’s home overnight. So when I read about the closing of Planned Parenthood clinics so that underserved women don’t have regional options even for breast exams or Pap smears it is infuriating! She developed peritonitis and lapsed into a weeklong coma.

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