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[email protected] number of News24 Travel readers have already shared their stories about the effects the stringent new laws have had on their personal lives:"I am married to a Brazilian. Sten Klasson said that he has been married to a South African woman for seven years and that they recently returned to Johannesburg after living and working overseas.

3rd World Abyss here we come." In a recent interview with News24 Live, immigration law expert Gary Eisenberg explained that the new regulations are, in essence, xenophobic. The South African government is out to punish foreigners and perhaps this is a sign of the kind of xenophobia that may be lurking somewhere in the wings,” he said.

He also explained the damaging effects these kinds of laws could have on foreign investment in South Africa. He added that while the country’s law administratively allows a person to go to court to vindicate their rights, the process is flawed and appeals are often aren’t accepted timeously.

If we don't, my wife will be deported and our family will be split up. "We have been here since June last year and still my permanent visa is still not in place.

I have lived in Europe my entire life and seen how Russia was ruling the eastern block.

Already waiting 5 months for a visa for my wife and daughter, with no information forthcoming!

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