Partnersuche furth im wald - Singletanz bad oeynhausen

durch  |  07-May-2015 12:08

But there are some more useful tips on turning your singletons into heavy and useful workers.

Glyphs', { singleton: true, alternate Class Name: ['Glyphs'], constructor: function(config) { Config(config); }, config: { // Icons that have been addressed directly webfont: 'Font Awesome', add: 'xf04b', cancel: 'xf056', checked: 'xf046', clock: 'xf017', comment: 'xf0e5', connect: 'xf0c1', create: 'xf04b', dashboard : 'xf0e4', del: 'xf014', desktop: 'xf108', edit: 'xf040', filter: 'xf0b0', file: 'xf15c', folder: 'xf114', folder_open: 'xf115', frown: 'xf119', group: 'xf0c0', groups: 'xf0c0', home: 'xf015', info: 'xf129', link: 'xf0c1', linked: 'xf0c1', lock: 'xf023', locked: 'xf023', log: 'xf013', logout: 'xf011', message: 'xf10d', messages: 'xf10d', module: 'xf12e', object: 'xf02b', project: 'xf009', remove: 'xf014', save: 'xf0c7', // 'xf00c', settings: 'xf013', smile: 'xf118', sortasc : 'xf15d', sortdesc : 'xf15e', unchecked: 'xf096', unlink: 'xf127', unlinked: 'xf127', unlock: 'xf09c', unlocked: 'xf09c', user: 'xf007', users: 'xf0c0' }, set Icon : function(glyph) { return Glyph(glyph); }, get Icon : function(glyph) { return Glyph(glyph); }, get Glyph : function(glyph) { var font = Webfont(); if (typeof Glyphs.config[glyph] === 'undefined') { return false; } return Glyphs.config[glyph] + '@' + font; } }); Notice that for the "del" (as in delete) I have not used the word "delete", for if you are using Sencha Command, you can’t use any identifiers that have reserved Java Script names.

Otherwise it will not pass the YUI compressor and ends up in syntax errors.

You can’t use this when you use Sencha Architect, for it will not accept a function on the "glyph" config of your button, it will convert it to string.

You can easily modify the class for usage with other webfonts.

One example could be the rendering of certain fields that are used in different models.

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