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Hostilities have reportedly eased in the town following what was supposed to be a reconciliatory meeting held by the regional authorities in July, when angry locals brought the meeting to an abrupt end after shouting down one of the politicians, with one resident screaming: 'We will burn down the hostel.'Sam Jaff, a 30-year-old from Baghdad in Iraq, told Mail Online in good English on his way back to Hotel Leonardo from town: 'When we walk in the city people show me the finger. Wearing a Union Jack T-shirt as he smoked a cigarette outside Hotel Leonardo, 28-year-old Gandhi Jan told Mail Online via a friend who interpreted into English: 'My dream is to go to Britain. 'When we walk in the city people show me the finger,' Sam told Mail Online Flashpoint: The centre in Freital (pictured) at the Hotel Leonardo used to be a three star conference facility where rooms had cost from around 35 euros per night, but it was sold and in March began to house 400 migrants from across the world New starts: Many have found their dreams crushed.Sam, an Iraqi, (left) now hopes to go to Berlin, where he believes migrants are more welcome.

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But his fingerprints were taken by the German authorities as part of the refugee registration process after he expressed his desire to go to Britain, thwarting any attem pt to try and be registered in the UK instead and have the asylum process carried out there.

But many migrants have used the Schengen agreement's lack of border controls to cross through Europe unnoticed to try to claim asylum in a country where they see conditions for refugees as more favourable.

Anger: Germany has taken in one million refugees this year, which has polarized opinion across the country, between those who welcome them, and those who want to close the borders.

Freital, home to 2,200 refugees, has become a focal point for the country's migrant crisis Shattered: The migrants who dreamed of a new life in a welcoming Germany have found themselves greeted by protests and even violence in some towns, like Freital.

Sam told Mail Online he would also go to Britain if he could afford it.

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