Single santa seeks mrs. claus part 2

durch  |  21-Nov-2015 05:46

She is beautiful and looks especially beautiful in this movie.

Marriette Hartley was also good in her role as the rich and snobby mother. I would like to see one more sequel to this series where it shows how life for them works out once they arrive in the North Pole. "Meet The santas"(2005) Sequel To "Single Santa Seeks Mrs.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year mostly because of watching all of the Christmas movies that are out there. Hallmark Channel is tops on my list during the holiday season.

Hollywood nowadays doesn't seem to think chemistry is too important anymore.

The Hallmark Channel pumps out original movies out monthly and does so with quality stuff.

If they could dub the laugh, and fix that wig, then this one would be great fun. I just loved how "Santa" goes back and forth from the North Pole to the house all the time and the growing Christmas tree.

There are no politically correct lessons to learn here, but entertainment. My two complaints on this lightweight Christmas movie are the Santa laugh that Steve Guttenberg's positively grating and couldn't sound less like an enthusiastic Santa if he tried--and the really poor wig on father Santa.

Seems like for a few dollars more they could have gotten something that doesn't look like it came out of a dumpster behind a pet store. Great acting and wonderful story Line that makes you remember what it was like to believe in Christmas.

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