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durch  |  02-Jun-2015 01:24

SamsøFærgen takes you to familiar surroundings and the unexplored, to family and friends and new acquaintances. The route Kalundborg-Ballen will take you back an forth on 1 hour 30 minutes/1 hour 15 minutes.

If you click on the destinations in the menu on the left you will find useful local information.

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Are you planning to holiday on Samsø with your car, bicycle or on foot? Travel by car, by bicycle or on foot - or take your bicycle(s) with you on your car.

Samsø is a lovely island whatever your mode of transport.

Whether you want locally grown potatoes or carrots, festivals or fitness - Samsø has it all!

You will definitely return home with happy memories.

Book a ticket for the SamsøFærgen ferry services between and Kalundborg-Ballen.

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