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The Sub7 is made from a 70D lightweight ripstop nylon that shaves more than 3/4 of a pound compared to the ENO Double Nest.

It also sheds weight with a pair of aluminum carabiners and a lighter nylon rope.

We’ve hunted and haven’t found anything lighter in mass-production.

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The loop points are on the smaller size, so fat carabiners might not work well.

The new nylon on the Sub7 is very light and very thin, almost translucent, in fact.

A new “whoopie sling” suspension system knocks weight from the brand’s famed Atlas Strap system.

The whoopie sling has been used for hammock suspension for years, but ENO is the first big brand we know of to take a serious stab at mass producing it.

We clocked about 1 minute 20 seconds for a full deploy.

Single hammock vs double

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