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durch  |  20-May-2015 12:39

The Zeche Dahlbusch in Gelsenkirchen-Rotthausen hit the headlines in May 1955 because of a disaster.

Three miners trapped for five days were able to be rescued using a very narrow, streamlined rescue basket (a Dahlbuschbombe) passed down a 45m hole bored in short order to an unburied stretch (the miners were actually 885m under the surface).

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Gelsenkirchen is the northern terminus of the tram route 107 (Kulturlinie) which runs through to Bredeny in southern Essen.

Formerly the Ruhr Zoo, a decision was made - I believe - rather than to upgrade the zoo bit by bit, to demolish it altogether and re-build anew.

Eleven miners were rescued in Lengende and in 2010, world attention was centered on a similar technique used in Chile.

The image below shows the Dahlbuschbombe in Lengende.

The most important landmark in Gelsenkirchen-Feldmark is the shaft installation Oberschuir of Zeche Consolidation.

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