dating Ærø - Single chamber septic tank design

durch  |  19-May-2016 04:34

They can also be fitted with a filter to prevent small solids from blocking the soakaway - the photo is of a failed soakaway in a lawn.

We have many customers who cannot use them after they have been purchased.

Crystal Septic Tanks are our unique design with two chambers giving primary settlement of sewage and allowing secondary settlement before discharge of the effluent.

Unless you have very free-draining soil it is unwise to consider using a septic tank for populations over 13 persons as the size and cost of the soakaway will be prohibitive.

They are lower priced, smaller, cheaper to install than septic systems and do not pollute like the old septic tank and soakaway.

As the Environment Agency now refuse septic tanks and insist on sewage treatment plants in many areas of the UK, it is essential to check first if one is acceptable before you buy.

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