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Exhaust companies will let you know whether the product they've sold you is 50-state legal or only for special "off-road" use.

In many cases, an exhaust company can tell you exactly how loud a particular replacement system will be in a new truck.

When making your decision, factor in the special technology your engine might have, like cylinder deactivation or turbocharging, and whether the company you're choosing understands those complexities to the extent that it has incorporated the features necessary to deal with it.

To save you a little bit of time and money, we talked to a few of the companies that specialize in exhaust upgrades for pickups.

Generally speaking, there are some great deals out there if you do the research, but more often the age-old adage "you get what you pay for" is applicable in this arena.

Although you never know exactly what your pickup will sound like with a new system mounted, many companies offer sound clips on their websites to give you an idea.

All aftermarket exhaust system should include appropriately mandrel-bent tubing, connectors, hardware and instructions.

Single chamber flowmaster exhaust

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