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A great-grandson of the German composer Robert Schumann, he was living in England at the onset of the Second World War.

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In the public discourse, online dating is often seen as a unique phenomenon, distinctly different from traditional or ‘normal’ ways of finding one’s partner.

Whereas many users worldwide embed online dating into their everyday lives quite naturally, the field of mass media in particular still treats it as a peculiar subject.

Finally, research will be reviewed that analyzes processes on online dating platforms, and it will be shown that models of individual (rational) choice play a dominant role in empirical research.

Gerd Walter Christian Sommerhoff OBE (born 13 February 1915, Wiesbaden, Germany – 28 April 2002, Cambridge, England) was a pioneer of theoretical neuroscience and a noted humanist.

The Sommerhoff family resided in Haarlem, Netherlands, until the loss of the family fortune in the Wall Street crash and the death of their father "in compromising circumstances".

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