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Following the cancellation of The Farmer's Daughter in 1966, Stevens appeared in several films: A Guide for the Married Man (1967), with Walter Matthau; Hang 'Em High, with Clint Eastwood; 5 Card Stud, with Dean Martin and Robert Mitchum; and Madigan with Henry Fonda and Richard Widmark.Stevens was attempting to revive her television career with the detective drama series The Most Deadly Game when she died.

According to Mc Nally, when she called Stevens' name, she opened her eyes, lifted her head, and tried to speak, but was unable to make any sound.

At age 13, she and her father moved to Manhattan, Kansas, where she attended Manhattan High School.

At 16, she worked in burlesque shows in Kansas City, Missouri.

Inger Stevens was born Ingrid Stensland in Stockholm, Sweden. When she was nine, her mother abandoned the family and her father moved to the United States, leaving Inger and her sister in the custody first of the family maid and then with an aunt in Lidingo, near Stockholm.

In 1944, the girls moved with their father and his new wife to New York City, where he had found work teaching at Columbia University.

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