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This stabilisation of the empire's eastern borders reduced the need for "March" jurisdictions to defend borderland areas.

Brandenburg, and to the south Meissen (as successor to the March of Ostmark), evolved as stable principalities firmly within the empire, although the rulers of both territories continued to hold the title "Markgraf".

His relations with his Slav neighbours must have been relatively peaceful as two of his daughters are recorded as having married Slav princes.

C), although members of the Grafen von Pltzkau also ruled as Markgrafen between 11 (Chapter 2. The last Slav ruler of Brandenburg appointed Albrecht Graf von Ballenstedt as his heir in 1139.

Emperor Friedrich I "Barbarossa" created the duchy of Silesia in 1163 and the duchy of Pomerania in 1181, both within imperial territory.

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Otto I King of Germany created the "northern March" or Nordmark as part of his policy of protecting the eastern territories of Saxony from attack by the Slavs and converting the people to Christianity.

The development of the title "Markgraf von Brandenburg" can be traced as follows.

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