Rosenthal single malt

durch  |  04-Feb-2015 17:05

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20 %) Die pure Form aus den 30er Jahren ist auch heute noch Leitbild für klare Gestaltung.

Rosenthal single malt-15

These included a run down shop in Cremorne, painstakingly converted after 3 years into a rather decent showroom; a huge warehouse in Reservoir that was decidedly way too far from the action; a heritage factory in Fitzroy replete with remains of the rug trade era, beside being a bottomless well for renovation costs; and even, a temporary storage tucked away under the rain forest of the Dandenong Ranges!

Moving to Australia some 18 years ago, Bernard started The Good House Pty Ltd in January 2000.

With already 20 years of experience in mechanical and structural engineering, he had quickly realised that, to the contrary of old Europe, where everything had been done, tried and tested many times over, Australia was an unfinished country, and there was plenty that still could be done in the building industry in terms of style and design, especially in that small niche of the residential market with a "from Provence to Paris" influence.

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