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durch  |  17-Feb-2016 19:08

Even though researchers have made great advances that help us understand some of the key elements necessary for romantic attraction, the process will probably always carry an element of unpredictability.

It also make me happy to know that you still need a dash of magic to catalyze that unusual chemical reaction in your brain, the one that makes your heart beat a little faster and that sets the butterflies in your stomach aflutter.

They planned to go on a series of dates over three weeks, but these were no ordinary dates.

On their first date they answered a series of 36 Questions – New York Times that requires an unusual amount of self-disclosure, they would spit into beakers so that their saliva could be tested at a lab for immunological compatibility, going on thrill seeking dates, and a handful of other dates and experiences.

My role was to serve as their “compatibility expert”, someone who could facilitate discussions about their prospects of being romantically compatible.

My general impression after our first meeting was “why not?

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