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durch  |  13-Apr-2016 22:53

Hafen City Hamburg Gmb H will be exhibiting again at the Expo Real real estate trade fair in Munich, October 46 2016.

Europes biggest inner-city urban development project will be one the main partners on the City of Hamburg pavilion.

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B20 in the Festival Palais more Hafen City is being developed from west to east and from north to south 57 projects are completed and another 53 under construction or in the planning stage; deals through sale of land or exclusive options have been closed on around 1.29 million sqm GFA.

In the meantime, Hafen City has established its popularity as a place to live and work.

The focus of this years Hafen City presentation is on the major comprehensive neighborhood developments in Hafen Citys central and eastern districts especially more The groundwork is laid for the first building construction project in Hafen Citys easternmost district.

Two of Germanys biggest employers liability insurance associations, BGW and VBG, are planning a shared prevention center on a pivotal plot sited next to the Elbe Promenade, the subway stop under construction and the planned rapid transit station.

All ships, such as Queen Mary II or Aida Luna, and schedules can be found in the following list.

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