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The boy told probers that [she] gave him vodka, that the ‘kissing became passionate,’ and that they fondled each other.A fellow teacher walked in on them and escorted him out.” Or from this colorful episode, reported by , in which a Houston-area middle school teacher gave a 15-year-old boy a… She was married (to a basketball player and coach who was well known and highly regarded on the local sports scene.) And I’m sure she cared deeply about her professional reputation.

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‘The electronics make it easier for a predator to gain the trust of a child and then exploit that trust.’” No doubt such ease of communication tends to breach the wall that had always helped to maintain a professional separation between teacher and student.

But that doesn’t account for the collapses in judgment and moral sense by which many teachers seem willing to compromise themselves these days.

What folly prompts a classroom exercise such as this one described by a Utah school official in the Ogden? “We had some students who reported to administration that a teacher was having an exercise where they were put into groups, male and female, to come up with names for genitalia …

We could usually sweet-talk her into extra credit for making papier mâché piñatas or singing Mexican folksongs in class. Landa had been a dancer, and she moved with graceful authority on the six-inch heels that served as punctuation marks for a womanly presence both commanding and sensual.

Her quick wit, coupled with a withering motherly glance, was sufficient to disarm any sassy teenage innuendo emanating from male fantasies in which she no doubt played a featured role.

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