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edulis over a 3 wk acclimation period; i.e., there is no evidence for temperature compensation.

ABSTRACT: The effect of body size on respiration was examined in the common scyphozoan jellyfish Aurelia aurita (ephyrae and medusae) and in 2 hydromedusae, Sarsia tubulosa and Aequorea vitrina. The weight-specific respiration rate as a function of the weight-specific growth rate was linear, and from the slopes of the regression lines the energetic cost of growth was found to be equivalent to 209% of the growth of A.

Despite the many differences in morphology and living conditions, particle capture mechanisms may be divided into 2 main types. through mucus nets, stiff cilia, filter setae), which is found in passive suspension feeders, that rely on external currents to bring suspended particles to the filter, and in active suspension feeders that themselves produce a feeding flow by a variety of pump systems.

The same group of mussels was then acclimated to 11°C over a period of 5 d before the measurements were repeated, and the filtration rate as a function of temperature was subsequently found to be: F = 3.27T + 38.1 in the temperature-tolerance interval which had extended down to 4.1°C.

Next, a group of mussels seasonally acclimated to about 15°C was split up into 3 subgroups which were exposed to 10.2, 15.6 and 20.3°C over the following 23 d.

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