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durch  |  19-Jan-2015 18:50

Headlight switches are rebuildable and I used to do this. From: [email protected]: 11/10/2000 Pacific Standard Time I can not understand why 12 volt and 6 volt breakers are different.

I had bought a number of other switches to rob the parts out of. I can not understand why 12 volt and 6 volt breakers are different. The same breakers are still used on other equipment and I believe they are still current manufacture. I'd venture to guess that the 12V breakers have a lower current rating in an attempt to shut down on a short more quickly as a 60W 12V bulb will draw half as many amps as a 60W 6V bulb just a guess nate From: [email protected]: Sat, GMT Do I really need that special tool the manual calls out (Switch Nut Wrench J-4252) to pull thelighting switch?

Terry [ the babbling short circuit] Brandli From: [email protected](r.kapteyn) Date: 11/10/2000 Pacific Standard Time The headlight switches on the 1950 cars were marginal.

Do you have higher wattage headlights in it then original or anything else that might be adding to the total power drain when the headlights are turned on.

Does the ammeter show charge or discharge when the brights are turned on?

If your head light switch still works,save it by installing a relay. Dave, All that tool is is a piece of tubing with two prongs to fit in the slots of the bezel nut - the round chrome thing on the face of the dash. Whether you need the tool or not depends on how tight the nut is - I needed it on my car but you might not.

one thing i would look for is bad ground connections on the bulbs (not just headlight) as that builds resistance into the circuit and thus creates more heat to send your circuit breaker into a tizzy.

good luck, hawkrod From: "Terry & Mary Brandli" [email protected]: 11/09/2000 Pacific Standard Time What do you have in it for headlights? A long time ago I put a pair of aircraft landing lights in one of my Larks.

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