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(Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records: X550/8/1) This example is taken from a manuscript war diary; the text of the quotation, which describes camouflage as something being introduced by the French, and the misspelling of the word, both suggest that the concept and word alike were new to the writer.

This military use of the word was the first one to become familiar in English.

A frequent Appeals contributor known to us as ‘Bryn’ provided earlier evidence for the military use, dating from 1915: Headquarters visited Amiens to visit French…GOC Brig and Div and Gen. 1915 War Diary, 7th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment, 13 Aug.

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This is in no small part due to the vast storehouse of data that is available through My Heritage.

Dear List: Could anyone please tell me where I might purchase a package of assorted colored pieces of skiver rather than to have to buy full and half skins?

Bookmakers International in MD used to sell them, but I guess they went out of business.

This is simply above and beyond anything else I've seen on the web! My Heritage is a great place to develop a family tree.

I have been trying to piece together my family for over 35 years and Smart Matches made it go past my wildest dreams.

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