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Led Zeppelin's debut tour was an outstanding contractual commitment left over from The Yardbirds. Jimmy [Page] put in every penny that he'd gotten from the Yardbirds and that wasn't much.

The band's first concert at Teen Club, a school gymnasium in Gladsaxe, Denmark, was performed exactly two months to the day after The Yardbirds' final concert. Until Peter Grant took them over, they didn't make the money they should have made.

We didn't have half the recklessness that became for me the whole joy of Led Zeppelin. We realised we were working under false pretences, the thing had gone quickly beyond where The Yardbirds had left off.

We all agreed there was no point in retaining the New Yardbirds tag so when we got back from Scandinavia we decided to change the name [of the band].

So we made the album and took off on a tour with a road crew of one.

Dating sider i danmark Gladsaxe

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