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durch  |  29-Nov-2014 03:20

Fredensborg Palace is mainly used by the Danish Royal Family in spring and Authumn.Head back to station and take the Kystbanen Railway back to Copenhagen.

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Fredensborg Station opened on the new North Line in 1868.

For all practical purposes, use your two fine legs.

It is a 1 kilometre walk through the nice town to the palace.

A good one day itinerary, which we could call "a day in the Nordsjælland of the kings", if we were the local tourist organisation - but we're not - so let us keep in nameless, and just tell that it involves the three grand palaces of the region; Take the S-train to Hillerød and see the Frederiksborg Palace and museum and go for a stroll in in the nice barque gardens - retrace your steps to the station and jump on the train to Fredensborg to see the palace from the pretty park.

Jump back on the same train (though unless you are superman, the same train 2 hours later), and continue the journey to Elsinore, do an L through the old town, pass the harbour and finish the castle viewing with Hamlet's Kronborg, and nice views over the sound and Sweden.

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