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Numbers to the left of the company symbol, in the case of this and some other manufacturers, indicate a plant number.

Some glassmaker markings are symbols with no lettering or initials included.

Deciphering the symbol is often a matter of comparing it to known examples on collector websites or in glass-collecting publications. Manufactured glass jars that feature an embossed maker's symbol often also have a date and location code stamped nearby.

As with the Owens-Illinois Glass Company symbols, a numeral to the right of the diamond symbol indicates a year of manufacture; for instance, a 1 indicates 1941, while the joined O and I symbol, which is newer, uses two numerals as a date code: , for instance.

As with the symbol-and-letter combinations, determining the maker is often a matter of comparing the shapes to known examples, such as the archives on collector websites.

Dating owens illinois glass

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