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Presentation of Denmark This presentation of Denmark is designed and produced as one long page - and in a chronological order - which the editorial team find is the best way to portray the Danish nation - and also the most convenient method to learn about Denmark step by step in this brief profile that describes the Danish history - culture - heritage - every day life and the ambitious and freedom loving Danes behind it all. The Maroon Danish Passport - with a Christian Symbol To symbolise that Denmark is a Christian nation - and the oldest Christian Kingdom in the world - as Christianity also is a part of Denmark's cultural history - then inside all Danish Passports is a fine decorated illustration printed of Christ - which derives from the big Runic Stone and National Symbol erected by legendary King “Harald Bluetooth” - who is known by all Danes - as the Danish King that Christianised the Danes - and who painstakingly had his craftsmen to carve the image of crucified Jesus Christ on the Cross with a glory - and decorated the figure of Christ with runic curved riggings and filaments plus a motif of a dragon. Since then - more than 2800 city - urban and rural churches have been built and spread all over the Danish countryside - for millions of Christian churchgoers - which also is a strong part of the Danish Cultural Heritage.First we present a map of the country - then the birth of the Danish Kingdom - the capital and bigger cities - the Viking Era - The Danish Monarchy - paving the way to democracy - religion and Christian culture - the Danish democracy - the flag - the history and landscape - Denmark at a glance - the Danish food culture - the Danish model - the Danish export companies - assistance and founding to the Third World - relationship to NATO - EU and the Danish Troops abroad - the Danes - the unofficial National anthem - the Danish emigrants and finally a picture gallery from all around Denmark called -The Cultural Heritage and the Danes This is also a brief summery of the Danish Cultural Heritage and Christening of the Danes that reaches more than thousands years back in time - to the Protestant Reformation in 1536 - and until the Democratic Constitution was finally signed in June 1849 - as well as great credit to all the freedom loving Danes that have contributed to build up the Danish Kingdom - Nation and Welfare Society through countless generations - and over numerous centuries. King Harald" united the outlying tribes of Denmark and defended his people from the incursions of Norway and Germany - while overseeing the completion of vast construction projects that strengthened the defenses of his nation. The smallest and oldest runic stone mentions the name “Denmark” (- which was a defence system to protect the Danes from southern German invasion - and later became a powerful national symbol for Denmark during 1800s and 1900s - uniting the Danish people and strengthening their Danish Cultural Heritage. - is recognised as a National Symbol and Historical Monument - as well as the Danish Kingdom's Birth Certificate - indicating that Christianity had come to Denmark for over 1,000 years ago.

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And by ancient storytelling - Denmark is the oldest Kingdom in the world with its 68 km long southern border facing towards Germany. (Dania) - (Hafnia) Flag: Red - with a white Christian Cross - and the oldest national flag in the world. Denmark is a Protestant country - where 86 % of all ethnic Danes are members of the National Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark (Den Danske Folkekirke) - which is totally financed by the Danish State via the Danish tax payer's loyal contribution - and in strict unity with the Danish Constitution from 1849.

(Dannebrog) National Anthem: Der er et yndigt land. The Protestant Reformation was introduced in Denmark by the Danish Monarch King Christian III (1503- 1559 - King of Denmark and Norway 1534-1559) in 1536 - and fortunately for the Danes - the Evangelical Lutheran Church became the National State Church of Denmark - and since contributed to shape the Danes cultural background - historical heritage - and national identity.

Shuffle Index & Menu It is possible to shuffle trough the program and select different subjects in random order by just clicking the topic you find appropriate and interesting. King Harald" is equally known for casting off the Norse Pagan traditions of his forbearers - becoming a devout Christian - who strove to peacefully convert the people of Denmark during his rule into Christianity.

To return to the index and menu - just press the headlines on the coloured bars. The final resting place for King Harald "The Jelling Runic Stones - and the two surrounding royal burial mounds of King Gorm and his wife Queen Thyra of Denmark - as well as Jelling Church from 1050 A. - is selected by UNESCO - as a World Heritage site. - are considered as the birth certificate of the Danish kingdom. - where King "Gorm the Old" and his Queen "Thyra's" big mound's are placed on each side of the church.

(Public and festive events) National Anthem: Kong Christian stod ved højen mast. There are numerous other Christians Communities in Denmark - as well as State Church - State Religion Denmark is one of the few nations in the world that have a State Church and a State Religion - which all Danes are born into after birth - as all Danes are considered Christian and routinely belonging to the National Evangelical Lutheran Danish Church - but everyone can freely leave the State Church and the Danish State Religion at any time - in accordance to the Freedom of Religion act - described in the Danish Constitution of 1849.

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