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durch  |  10-Jan-2015 11:51

The poor man spends his time trying to feed himself and/or his family.

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What you actually need is to correct your thoughts, and you will in turn correct your chemical imbalances. Why in poor countries are reported rates of depression significantly less than in western countries? You’d think that somebody who doesn’t have food for their family would feel pretty fucking depressed, yet no, it’s the western businessman with everything who feels depressed.

The superficial reasons could be many, but ultimately it comes down to one thing: the poor man doesn’t have the time to sit there thinking about himself.

There are chemical imbalances, yes, but they are caused by negative thoughts, not the other way around.

Doctors will prescribe you medication to correct the chemical imbalances, thinking it will therefore correct your thoughts.

Remember that by focussing on yourself and your ‘depression’ you’re making life harder on and on those who love you.

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