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durch  |  15-Apr-2016 19:14

I wasn’t sure about the Brazilian Burger with egg, but I’m sold on it and I’m sure I can sell you on it too.

Such domestic harmony results from forgiving and forgetting, essential elements of a maturing marriage relationship.

Someone has said that we should keep our eyes wide open before marriage and half shut afterward.

Click on the link above If you would like more details on the longhorns from the Moranto family farm in Meers, Oklahoma.

(To catch up on part one read this post on Berry Quinoa Salad) Oh Brazil, you may have sold me on hamburgers forever.

And that’s a hard thing to do as many burgers are, in my opinion, dry and flavorless. All these years my husband has been telling me that the Brazilian’s have got this whole burger thing down and they add an egg.

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