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It is owned by Denmark’s only female shepherd Berit Kiilerich who has turned the farm into a visiting centre for wool and sheep and the old moor handicrafts with different events, theme days, exhibitions, a sheep day, shepherd shows and workshops.

The flock of sheep on the farm is of the old breeds which have lived in the Jutland moors since the beginning of time.

They are used for nature preservation and they graze in the heather, bogs and moors which gives an aromatic, dark and low-fat meat. Groups are welcome but they must book on beforehand on the Thurs.

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The farm shop is a working project for persons who are mentally ill, and it has a wide selection of organic products such as fruit, vegetables, skin care products, soaps, beer, wines, cheese, yarn, etc. The farm has a café in a recently restored wing which used to be a barn.

The café offers a delicious selection or different menus. Here it is possible to have brunch, coffee and tea and to dine. The area of the farm is also well-suited for a picnic. Opened during Christmas on December 27, 28, and 29: from 10 AM-4 PM.

The honey is sold on the farm prior to the agreement on beforehand on the above tel. Harboøre Mollerup Lys 41, Strandvejen, Vrist DK - 7673 Harboøre [email protected] Mollerupgård Lys is an exciting shop which is housed in an old dune farm close to the sea. Bækmarksbro Kræmmerhus Gårdbutik 50, Kræmmergårdsvej, Møborg DK - 7660 Bækmarksbro is a very old farm, which can be traced way back to the 1500s, and it has been owned by the same family for approx. Today the owners are Siri and Niels Peder Kræmmerhus. Vester Hede 14, Sinkbækvej, Flynder DK - 7660 Bækmarksbro Vesterhede is a pig farm with a yearly production of 5000 fattener pigs, but besides this potatoes, parsley, and dill are also produced.

Among other things he grows rape whose nectar is valued by the bees. In certain years he keeps open house in connection with “The year of the rape”. Hans Bjerrum opens the beeshives and extracts honey so that it is possible to follow the various stages of the honey production.

Lemvig Claudis Have 14, Stergade DK - 7620 Lemvig farm shop is named after the enterprising Christopher Berent Claudi who was a pioneer in a number of fields – among many things he took of the initiative for starting the life-saving service along the west coast of Jutland. You can pick your own strawberries and apples during the season, and it is also possible to have your own apples turned into juice. from June 15-July 31 each day from 9 AM-6 PM and during the apple season approx. It offers freshly ground coffee, tea, delicatessen, shoes, flax clothes, skin bags, knitwear, gift baskets, commercial art, liquorice, etc.

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