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In former times, beer was a natural element in the culinary culture – either as an ingredient in a substantial meal or as a means to get together with friends and family. North Jutland has also jumped on the beer wagon, and the region is continuously striving to rediscover and develop its own interesting beer culture.Cookery books focused on recipes with beer are published.

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Such is the gastronomy which you will have rich opportunity to explore in the North Jutland region.

It is, however, of importance that, before gathering mushrooms, you gather knowledge about which type of mushroom is edible and which to leave. Wherever you turn, a micro-brewery will have sprouted up.

We can buy exciting beer from all over the world at any well-stocked supermarket.

Common mussel, crab's claw, herring, Norwegian lobster and a wealth of other specialties are harvested from the seas surrounding North Jutland.

In this region, nature was always on the menu; and all North Jutland abounds with the most delicious fresh produce.

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