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durch  |  03-Apr-2016 18:01

As with other older Danish towns, Varde is located, where the countryside in different ways favors human settlement and other human activity.

The town was founded near a stream allowing a convenient port for ships near a place, where north and south bound traffic by land had an important ford/crossing, which was later replaced with a bridge.

In his capacity of being the representative of the king in the shire of Varde, this high level official must have resided in the local royal estate/castle – Vardehus.

The age of Varde is not known precisely, but it is mentioned in written sources from 1107 A. and is therefore thought have been founded sometime in the early Middle Ages.

Early on the name of Varde is presented in 2 different versions "Warwath" and "Warwik." War is identical in both and is believed to mean grassland, maybe beach or in other ways uncultivated area.

is a Danish city in southwestern Jutland and is the primary city in the municipality of Varde, in Region of Southern Denmark.

In 2015 municipality changed its motto to "We in nature" to emphasize its rural atmosphere.

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