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durch  |  24-Jul-2015 04:10

(Thanks Philip for submitting this information....) Burial site for six Revolutionary War soldiers killed in the Baylor Massacre: "Six soldiers of those killed in the Baylor Massacre were buried here in 3 abandoned tan vats.

The vats were part of a small tan yard which existed here before the revolution. George Baylor's 3red Regiment of Continental Dragoons took quarters for the night on several nearby farms.

Although some of the older homes in the area have been torn down, the walkway is situated on the left side of a line of cedars, and cedars also screen the plot from the Meadow Lane side at this time, January 2005.

(Thank you Philip for visiting the cemetery and submitting the following information...) The Saddle River Reformed Church & Cemetery, known as the Old Stone Church, has been ministering to the area since 1784.

People can contact the Old Stone Church for records at 201-327-5242.

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