Are wesley stromberg and carly miner dating dating seiten Bielefeld

durch  |  31-Jan-2015 16:30

Their cute twitter conversation added enthusiasm in fans that they were always curious about their next interaction.

Pop Candies TV caught up with Wesley as he was walking down the street with a mystery brunette.

The girl in question, which we later find out is a dancer from the show, covers her face from the camera as Wesley gladly stops to take pictures with some fans.

It might be such a tragic moment for both of them to get separated after spending such a beautiful moments together. See, how passionately they were kissing each other and it looked like they enjoyed every bit of the moment together.

Every one of the fans out there thought they are gonna be forever but we are not sure what got wrong, they got split.

You might already know that Wesley is from Emblem3 which is an American reggae-pop band from Sequim, Washington and this gorgeous young lady Carly became famous in Instagram after being followed by 10,000 fans due to her relationship with Wesley.

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