50 dating Tårnby intim date dk Fanø

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Выбирайте серьезные знакомства кому за 50 в для общения и встреч с интересными людьми из города Tårnby.

While Tårnby has a history of farming, it has been almost completely urbanised, leaving only small traces of farmland in the southernmost parts.

The westernmost part of the municipality contains Amager Fælled, a protected wildlife and recreational area.

Copenhagen Airport is situated to the east of Tårnby. While there's no clear date for the founding of Tårnby, archeological expeditions prior to the building of the Øresund Bridge suggests that the first traces of Tårnby have originated around the 12th century, around a farm from which the village grew.

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As such, the area is primarily used for birdwatching and various recreational activities.

However, in recent years urban development have limited the area significantly.

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